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About Us

Qualified English Speaking Babysitters Only

Our babysitters are all well screened, background-reference checked, one on one interviewed, skill checked and fully trained. They are all fluent in English and many are even multilingual, such as Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin, Korean etc. Of course, they are all non-smokers and drug free. We ensure that our selected babysitter will bring you the best comfort you can expect.

24 Hours 365 Days Babysitting

To meet all kinds of needs, our service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our babysitters also are able to accompany your child/children on your business or family trip to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Hotel and Airbnb Services

We provide our babysitting services at hotels during your stay in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and also Seoul (Korea). Please feel free to contact us and let our experienced international babysitters take care of your children while you have things to do.

Please make sure your accommodation allows our babysitter’s entry prior to making an official reservation. Some accommodations reject the entry of any third party.

Easy On The Budget, As Low As 2,500 yen/h (25,000 won/h)

In Japan and Korea, babysitting has the image of being too expensive for frequent use, and culturally unfamiliar. However, to meet changes in society, our company strives to provide a valuable service to as many people as possible, with flexibility and hospitality. To support families with children at home alone, or with needs of extended care, we have developed a low rate system that promotes for longer babysitting hours.

Group Party, Family Event, School Cover Arrangement

We send our babysitters to schools, group and family events. Please feel free to contact us and give us details.

・Birthday parties
・Christmas and Halloween parties
・Public, family events
・Festivals and exhibitions

*Budget is negotiable.

Luxury Travel & Leisure Partners

We are currently cooperating with several high-end international travel agencies and luxury hotel concierges:

・American Express Japan (CENTURION)
・Destination Asia Japan
・Windows To Japan

If your clients need our babysitting services in Japan and/or Korea, please feel free to let us know.