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Japanese Babysitter Mari (Tokyo)

Mari is our new babysitter in Tokyo and Saitama.  She was born in Japan then raised in Dubai from age 1 to 18. Currently majoring in Liberal Studies at Waseda University and babysitting and tutoring young learners after class. Her availability is mainly in the afternoons from 14:00/15:00 so if you need someone to pick your children up from school and look after them at home or take them to extracurricular activities, that is a piece of cake. She can make herself available for you and help their homework if needed. For those who live in Saitama, please feel free to contact us and check her availability right now!


日本生まれドバイ育ちのMariです。  埼玉県草加市在住(最寄駅:谷塚)で、早稲田大学に通学中。現在は平日午後3時以降のご案内となっておりますが、土日祝日はフレキシブルなので、東武伊勢崎線沿線、荒川区、足立区、台東区、墨田区、あるいは草加市近辺にお住いのご家庭からのご依頼にも担当可能です。日本語も話せますので、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

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