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Want To Be Your Personal Concierge

“We are traveling to Japan for the first time with our three year old son and 1 year old daughter.” 


  • Where are good sushi restaurants near our hotel?
  • How can I get to this place?
  • Is the bar open till midnight?
  • Where should we go and eat?
  • Where can we buy that?
  • Can they speak English?


Wherever you go, you should be having these questions as a traveler.  Then why don’t you contact locals like us while you are here in Japan.  We will try to answer all kind of questions and help you enjoy the time here in Japan with your family. Please do not hesitate.


Maguro Mori (Assorted Tuna) Only 1,000yen at a Local Izakaya in Tokyo.


If you are staying in a luxury hotel and wanting to have a nice dinner, the concierges might be able to help you find good restaurant and make a reservation for you. But at these concierges are usually off from the desk after 19:00 so when you are having a night out, she would not be of help at all, whereas, the receptionists are not always knowledgeable nor familiar with restaurants, food, directions, etc. from my personal experiences, unfortunately… Therefore, we are here to help you from the beginning of your travel to the end of your stay in Japan.


If you cannot find a good restaurant or local izakaya, we can recommend you good seafood, yakiniku, teppanyaki, yakitori, sashimi, nabe or even ramen restaurants we can think of. If you have difficulty finding the transportations to your next destination, we can give you the best route options before heading out. If you are looking for something particular but you don’t know where to buy, we will check and let you know where you should go. If you would like to experience good hidden-gem onsen-ryokan, we personally know many good ones so we can check the vacancy for you. If you are a ski lover, we can check the best ski resorts for you and your children. If you want your children to make friendships with local Japanese children, please ask us.


Not Many Foreigners Know This Small Onsen Ryokan in Ibaraki, Only 2.0 hours drive from Central Tokyo


Our suggestions or recommendations might not always be your best choice, but, from the bottom of our hearts, we are not just offering childcare service for your children but we would like to be helpful in many different ways while you are in Japan. Please take advantage of using our babysitting service and get as much free knowledge and information for spicing up your journey in Japan.