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Babysitters Insight For the Last 10 Years

There were more than 1.4 million foreign workers in Japan last year and the number continues to increase due to Japan’s one of the biggest promotions to solve serious labour shortage. According to the survey, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brazil are the top 4 nations covering the 70 % of the foreign labor force.



As we run an international babysitting company, we would like to benefit it by this policy. However, finding good babysitters is getting tougher every year… According to our latest review, from our establishment in 2010 to this year 2019, we have employed 185 babysitters from 33 different countries. Most employed nationalities are France, USA and Japan. Here is the insight for your reference:



France 31

United States of America 28

Japan 24

Australia 15

United Kingdom 13

Germany 12

Taiwan 5

Canada 4

New Zealand 4

Spain 4

China 4

Italy 3

Ukraine 3

Denmark 3

Sweden 3

Switzerland 3

Ireland 3

Philippines 3

Hong Kong 2

Brazil 2

Mexico 2

Belgium 2

Korea 2

Russia 1

South Africa 1

Singapore 1

Thailand 1

Pakistan 1

Austria 1

Norway 1

Estonia 1

Vietnam 1

India 1


We are spending more money in job advertisements and online classifieds each year; however, the result is not improving… We are increasing the wage each year, but the reaction is very slow… Visiting colleges, language schools, even supermarket to post flyers are all our routines to attract new candidates but word of mouth is more effective than anything else.