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Japanese/Filipino Babysitter Yumiko (Yokohama & Tokyo)

Yumiko is our babysitter mainly serving in Yokohama. She has been teaching English for all age groups from kindergarteners to high schoolers since 2014. She is also a mother of grown up child now so she is helping both local and guest families whenever her schedule is open. She is available on some weekday afternoons/evenings as well as on weekends. If you are in need of a babysitter somewhere in Yokohama or somewhere on the Blue Line or the Toyoko Line, or even the Denentoshi Line, please contact us. We are happy to arrange her schedule for you!

Italian Babysitter Giulia (Tokyo)
Brazilian Babysitter Duda (Nagoya)

What's New

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    Japanese/Filipino Babysitter Yumiko (Yokohama & Tokyo)


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