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Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

It is still the first week of February but we have found some Sakura trees already opens their first blooms here and there in Tokyo.



Tokyo’s cherry blossoms usually start blooming in mid-late March, and there are so many Sakura spots and festivals taking place in and around Tokyo.


If you are planning to visit Japan for the coming months, please do not miss this beautiful time of year.


The temperature this winter has been relatively higher so the Sakura might start blooming earlier than expected.


Visiting a famous parks is also a good idea but discovering some hidden sakura spots on your own is also fun!


In case you struggle finding a good place for cherry blossom viewing, why don’t you check with us. We can recommend some quieter but still very nice places to visit with your young children.


Hope to see you here in Tokyo in March!









Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

We have visited one of the nicest museum-like hotels in Tokyo yesterday. It is Hotel Gajoen Tokyo located near Meguro station.



With the garden of tranquility, the hotel opened as a Japanese-Chinese restaurant back in 1930’s with the the collection of treasury art and wedding banquet for noble and wealthy families. After 90 years of tradition and fame, it was transformed as one of the genuine Japanese hotel ever (Hotel Gajoen Tokyo is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and there are only two in Tokyo; Hotel Gajoen Tokyo and Tokyo Station Hotel).



Offering a variety of excellent restaurants from authentic Japanese to international cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, and American, you can experience true Japanese hospitality from each hotel staff.



For more information, you can click on their webpage or SLH’s:


You can always check the availability of English-speaking babysitters through Ms. Yukiko Shako (hotel concierge) and check the availability of your babysitter while you are staying in the hotel.




Visit Japan for Christmas & New Year

Are you planning to visit Japan in December/January? Spending time here over Christmas & New Year with your children?



Tokyo’s weather in December is usually sunny and not too cold (average 10 °C in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka) but it gets really chilly in the morning and evening (around 0 to 5 °C). Kyoto could be snowy later in December. The air is very dry so many Japanese wear face-masks to avoid catching a cold. It is not highly recommended to do the same but please make sure you keep you and your children warm while walking around the cities.


Christmas in Japan is not celebrated as in most western countries but very unique. Shops and streets are all well decorated in red, white and green and open as usual. Public transportation runs till midnight so you do not have to worry about rushing back to your accommodation so early.


There are many illuminated streets and events here and there all around Tokyo starting at around 16:30 to 17:00 as sunsets is around that time in December. So your children can enjoy different light decorations before heading back to the hotel or going to have dinner at restaurant.


The new year’s eve is coming on the following week. JR and metros even run longer with special time schedule as Japanese locals all go back to their hometown and celebrate the coming year with their loved ones and families. It is worth visiting shrines as locals and experience the special Shinto celebration.


If you want to leave your children in your warm hotel and head out for a night out, please make sure you book a good English-speaking babysitter for your children ahead of time. Your hotel concierge might recommend you to contact us so do not hesitate to request a reliable babysitter even for a last minute request.


If you are heading to the snowy mountains for skiing, we would highly recommend you and your children to experience Japan’s pristine powder snow. We do not have our child carer outside the big cities or in any ski resorts, but if you would like, we could send one of our babysitters to travel with you to any destination nationwide. Please let us know if really needed.


For your information, our price starts at 2,500yen/h (approximately 20USD/h). The price goes a bit higher during the Christmas and New Year week and that is inevitable unfortunately. However, it is still surely worth going out and discovering mesmerizing country by leaving your little ones to our experienced child-carer.


If you are interested in hiring a babysitter during your trip to Japan, then make sure to check out the babysitters website:

Or feel free to contact us and book a babysitter by email now:


Huge Sporting Events Still to Come in 2020

During the Rugby World Cup 2020 Japan last month, more than one third of tickets were sold to rugby fans from overseas and most of them are from English speaking countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.



Expecting the higher demand for English speaking babysitters, we have prepared more babysitters than usual but the number of requests was still beyond our expectation. And as we are all very aware, Tokyo is again hosting additional big global sporting events in the coming year 2020.



The first and nearest one is The Tokyo Marathon 2020 which is scheduled on March 1st.  This international event is one of the most difficult marathons in the world to get into.  More than 300,000 runners enter the ballot for one of 37,500 places and roughly 6,000 runners (approximately 20%) are from overseas.  Many are not just participating the event alone but also visiting Japan with their friends and family with even small children and expecting sight-seeing before and after.



The second one is the biggest one, 2020 Summer Olympics (July 22 to August 9) and Paralympics (August 25 to September 6). Tokyo is hosting the Olympics for the second time.  During the event, more than 600,000 visitors are expected to flow into the country’s capital and neighboring cities.



More visitors are coming to the city next year so if you are one of them during those big events, we strongly recommend you to book your accommodation as well as a babysitter (if you are in need of someone to look after your children) way ahead of time and we will try our best to assist you while you are here in Japan.






September Interview Sessions in Kyoto

We will be organizing 3 days interview sessions in Kyoto between September 20 and 22.



Those who are interested in joining our babysitting team in Kyoto and/or Osaka, please check our webpage and submit your resume and cover letter for the immediate interview arrangement.


Sep 20: 10:00 X
Sep 20: 13:00 X
Sep 20: 17:00 X
Sep 20: 19:00 X
Sep 21: 10:00 OPEN
Sep 21: 13:00 OPEN
Sep 21: 15:00 OPEN
Sep 21: 17:00 X
Sep 22: 10:00 OPEN

Location: Vessel Hotel Campana Kyoto Gojo

(updated September 4, 2019)