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Huge Sporting Events Still to Come in 2020

During the Rugby World Cup 2020 Japan last month, more than one third of tickets were sold to rugby fans from overseas and most of them are from English speaking countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.



Expecting the higher demand for English speaking babysitters, we have prepared more babysitters than usual but the number of requests was still beyond our expectation. And as we are all very aware, Tokyo is again hosting additional big global sporting events in the coming year 2020.



The first and nearest one is The Tokyo Marathon 2020 which is scheduled on March 1st.  This international event is one of the most difficult marathons in the world to get into.  More than 300,000 runners enter the ballot for one of 37,500 places and roughly 6,000 runners (approximately 20%) are from overseas.  Many are not just participating the event alone but also visiting Japan with their friends and family with even small children and expecting sight-seeing before and after.



The second one is the biggest one, 2020 Summer Olympics (July 22 to August 9) and Paralympics (August 25 to September 6). Tokyo is hosting the Olympics for the second time.  During the event, more than 600,000 visitors are expected to flow into the country’s capital and neighboring cities.



More visitors are coming to the city next year so if you are one of them during those big events, we strongly recommend you to book your accommodation as well as a babysitter (if you are in need of someone to look after your children) way ahead of time and we will try our best to assist you while you are here in Japan.






September Interview Sessions in Kyoto

We will be organizing 3 days interview sessions in Kyoto between September 20 and 22.



Those who are interested in joining our babysitting team in Kyoto and/or Osaka, please check our webpage and submit your resume and cover letter for the immediate interview arrangement.


Sep 20: 10:00 X
Sep 20: 13:00 X
Sep 20: 17:00 X
Sep 20: 19:00 X
Sep 21: 10:00 OPEN
Sep 21: 13:00 OPEN
Sep 21: 15:00 OPEN
Sep 21: 17:00 X
Sep 22: 10:00 OPEN

Location: Vessel Hotel Campana Kyoto Gojo

(updated September 4, 2019)





Babysitters Insight For the Last 10 Years

There were more than 1.4 million foreign workers in Japan last year and the number continues to increase due to Japan’s one of the biggest promotions to solve serious labour shortage. According to the survey, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brazil are the top 4 nations covering the 70 % of the foreign labor force.



As we run an international babysitting company, we would like to benefit it by this policy. However, finding good babysitters is getting tougher every year… According to our latest review, from our establishment in 2010 to this year 2019, we have employed 185 babysitters from 33 different countries. Most employed nationalities are France, USA and Japan. Here is the insight for your reference:



France 31

United States of America 28

Japan 24

Australia 15

United Kingdom 13

Germany 12

Taiwan 5

Canada 4

New Zealand 4

Spain 4

China 4

Italy 3

Ukraine 3

Denmark 3

Sweden 3

Switzerland 3

Ireland 3

Philippines 3

Hong Kong 2

Brazil 2

Mexico 2

Belgium 2

Korea 2

Russia 1

South Africa 1

Singapore 1

Thailand 1

Pakistan 1

Austria 1

Norway 1

Estonia 1

Vietnam 1

India 1


We are spending more money in job advertisements and online classifieds each year; however, the result is not improving… We are increasing the wage each year, but the reaction is very slow… Visiting colleges, language schools, even supermarket to post flyers are all our routines to attract new candidates but word of mouth is more effective than anything else.


Want To Be Your Personal Concierge

“We are traveling to Japan for the first time with our three year old son and 1 year old daughter.” 


  • Where are good sushi restaurants near our hotel?
  • How can I get to this place?
  • Is the bar open till midnight?
  • Where should we go and eat?
  • Where can we buy that?
  • Can they speak English?


Wherever you go, you should be having these questions as a traveler.  Then why don’t you contact locals like us while you are here in Japan.  We will try to answer all kind of questions and help you enjoy the time here in Japan with your family. Please do not hesitate.


Maguro Mori (Assorted Tuna) Only 1,000yen at a Local Izakaya in Tokyo.


If you are staying in a luxury hotel and wanting to have a nice dinner, the concierges might be able to help you find good restaurant and make a reservation for you. But at these concierges are usually off from the desk after 19:00 so when you are having a night out, she would not be of help at all, whereas, the receptionists are not always knowledgeable nor familiar with restaurants, food, directions, etc. from my personal experiences, unfortunately… Therefore, we are here to help you from the beginning of your travel to the end of your stay in Japan.


If you cannot find a good restaurant or local izakaya, we can recommend you good seafood, yakiniku, teppanyaki, yakitori, sashimi, nabe or even ramen restaurants we can think of. If you have difficulty finding the transportations to your next destination, we can give you the best route options before heading out. If you are looking for something particular but you don’t know where to buy, we will check and let you know where you should go. If you would like to experience good hidden-gem onsen-ryokan, we personally know many good ones so we can check the vacancy for you. If you are a ski lover, we can check the best ski resorts for you and your children. If you want your children to make friendships with local Japanese children, please ask us.


Not Many Foreigners Know This Small Onsen Ryokan in Ibaraki, Only 2.0 hours drive from Central Tokyo


Our suggestions or recommendations might not always be your best choice, but, from the bottom of our hearts, we are not just offering childcare service for your children but we would like to be helpful in many different ways while you are in Japan. Please take advantage of using our babysitting service and get as much free knowledge and information for spicing up your journey in Japan.


Family-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo

As the Japanese government is trying to increase the number of foreign visitors, many hotels and service apartments are opening up or under construction nationwide. As we want our client families to enjoy their time here in Japan, we often visit favorite hotel concierges in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka and try to provide our English-speaking babysitting service whenever requested. If you visit Tokyo with your children for the first time, it will be a little challenging to know which area is most suitable. To help you pick a good are and accommodation, we divide the city into 7 districts for your reference. Hope these information is helpful.




Look Up View From Shinjuku Central Park



Shinjuku is Tokyo’s most bustling town. You will find big names such as Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hilton Tokyo and Keio Plaza. These hotels are located about 10-15 minutes walking distance from the world’s busiest train station and you can enjoy some green area in the nearby Shinjuku Central Park. If you are with small children, however, you must avoid any hotel in the loudest district, Kabukicho. It is Tokyo’s sleepless town with countless nightclubs and bars (you also find homeless day and night unfortunatley…). It is extremely loud and stinky so not recommended at all if you are traveling with children. Instead, pick a nicer hotel in much quieter area. For example, if you would still like to be near Shinjuku, Citadines Shinjuku is one of our top recommended accommodations in the area. You can still walk 15 minutes and enjoy shopping in Shinjuku. Other than that, we recommend you to find your accommodation in other area…





New Socializing Hotel: TRUNK HOTEL


Shibuya undergoes major redevelopments and is expecting to attract even more people and business for the coming years.  If you are looking for a luxury hotel in the area, the Cerulean Tower Tokyu might be the best option. It is only 5 minutes away from the station and your children can walk there easily. Our second choice is Trunk Hotel which is located in a fashion street between Shibuya and Harajuku. A nice boutique hotel but only 15 rooms are available so you should check the availability directly with the hotel.  In Ebisu, one stop away from Shibuya station with JR, you can also find a very upscale luxury hotel, The Westin Tokyo. Located in the peaceful neighborhood of Ebisu Garden Place, your children will be safe and you can still enjoy local and international restaurants and bars in a short stroll.





International Roppongi Crossing

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt, ANA InterContinental are the 3 most popular hotels among our guest families. You will find beautiful parks, shops, restaurants and bars and they are all foreigner-friendly so nothing to complain. In Akasaka which is more commercial and residential town, Centurion Hotels and Mimaru Akasaka are also highly recommended and popular among our guests.





Andaz Tokyo at Toranomon Hills

If you would like to stay somewhere close to Tokyo Tower, we recommend The Prince Park Tower Tokyo and Andaz Tokyo. You can wake up early and visit the Zojoji Temple, Shiba Park and Atago Shrine in a quiet morning. They are so picturesque that we are sure you and your children will have a very refreshing morning to start the day.




Aman Tokyo luxury hotel with great hospitality

You will probably go through Tokyo Station if you are heading to other destinations by the Shinkansen. It is not just a hub station, but it offers a variety of five star luxury hotels around. The Peninsula Tokyo, Shangri-La, AMAN Tokyo, Four Seasons Marunouchi, Hoshinoya Tokyo and also Mandarin Oriental Tokyo are the tops of our clients’ choices.


Tokyo’s most touristic spots are all centrally located so finding a good accommodation for your children is not too difficult. Please make sure to check directly with the hotels you would like to stay. Even if you find no vacancy on the internet, the front desk or reservation desk might be able to hook you up with a great room.