Best English Speaking Babysitters in Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka | babysitters & company



German Babysitter Elenor (Tokyo)

Elenor is our new babysitter in Tokyo.



Originally from Berlin, Germany, she came to Japan in 2019 with a long term visa.


With her warm and charming character, she is very popular among local families and serving them on a weekly basis.


Once the situation gets back to normal, she will also be delighted to meet a lot of new families visiting Japan from all over the world.


Elenor as well as all of our babysitters are looking forward to serving you in the near future here in Japan.






Japanese Babysitter Haruka (Tokyo)

We are proud to introduce our new bilingual babysitter, Haruka.



Born in Chicago, studied in Texas, she is currently a fourth year senior student at Sophia University.


Having experiences teaching English for many Japanese children, she is currently babysitting a couple of local families on a weekly basis.


As she will start a full time job in April 2021, she will be mostly available day and night until then!

She is always very excited to meet new families so please let us know if you want a bilingual babysitter for your children:).






English Babysitter Molly (Osaka & Kyoto)

Molly is our new babysitter living and working in Osaka & Kyoto.



She is originally from Gravesend, Kent and studied in University of Leeds.


But as she wanted to a change of lifestyle, she decided to come to Japan last year and became a ski instructor in Nozawa Onsen for the first 3 months.


Then after the ski season ended, she moved and settled in Kansai and currently babysitting for several local families in Osaka and Kyoto.


Born to be with excellent communication skills with others and she is a perfect babysitter for your children.


You are lucky to have her information here today. Why don’t you book her now.


She is also First Aid w/ CPR Trained and Certified!





Argentinian Babysitter Leila (Kyoto & Osaka)

Leila is our new Spanish and English speaking babysitter in Kyoto.



With 5 years of babysitting experiences in Argentina, she continues to be a child carer here in Japan.



Living in the heart of Kyoto and eager to travel to Osaka if needed.



With her working holiday visa, she will be available almost every day up until March 2021.












Argentinian Babysitter Pamela (Tokyo)

Pamela is our new Argentinian babysitter from Buenos Aires.



She is very fluent in English and actually her Japanese skill is also very good:).



She is also very good at drawing pictures so why don’t you ask her to draw a nice picture of your children or family one day!



She is looking forward to meeting many new families as long as she is here in Tokyo until March 2021.