Best English Speaking Babysitters in Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka | babysitters & company



Multilingual Babysitter, Jolie (Tokyo)

Jolie is our new babysitter in Tokyo.



She speaks 6 languages (Japanese, English, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, and French)!


She is looking forward to meeting new families around the world and being of help by utilizing her language skills and passion for taking care of children while you are here in Tokyo.



English-Speaking Babysitter, Jennifer (Kyoto)

Jennifer is a German-Japanese babysitter in Kyoto.


Born and raised in Dubai, she came to Japan in 2018.

Currently she is available most weekday evenings and all day on weekends.




Ukrainian Babysitter Viktoriia (Tokyo)

Viktoriia has returned to our babysitting team this summer.



She is currently available on some weekday mornings and occasional weekends in the Kichijoji area.


Able to take care of small children including newborn babies to elementary school children.


Fluent in English and Japanese, but in case you need someone who speaks Russian, she is the one you are looking for!




Japanese Bilingual Babysitter Kiseki (Tokyo)

We are also very proud to inform our new babysitter, Kiseki.



She is a friendly and warm-hearted university student majoring in nursing.


She is capable of keeping the children under her safe care and great at tutoring everyday games into new knowledge.


As she will be staring her new career as a nurse, she will be with us only up to March 2021.


But until then, she is available day and night here in Tokyo.


If you are in need of someone’s help either in English or Japanese, please feel free to let us know!



Australian Babysitter Amy (Tokyo & Yokohama)

Amy is our new babysitter from Perth, Australia.



She has been working with kids ages 3-18 for almost 6 years in Yokohama.


Currently we introduce her to local families late afternoon and the occasional weekends.


Amy is truly one of the most kind and reliable babysitters within our team and we bet your children will love her.


We are proud to have her in our team:).