How To | Steps to book a babysitter for your children

How the Service Works

To Request a Babysitter

Make A Reservation

Please let us know your accommodation and the date and time of your request (minimum 3.0 hours). Then we will arrange a suitable English-speaking babysitter for you and your children shortly. We recommend you to send us a request and book our babysitter as early as possible to avoid any hassle. We welcome last minute requests as well though:).

Day of Babysitting

Babysitter Arrives

The babysitter will come to your hotel/apartment on the requested date and time. After the babysitter arrives, please provide all necessary instructions, such as your children’s typical routines, feeding information, medical information and where any items they might need are located. If special instructions are needed to be given, please leave written instructions. We recommend you to exchange the contact number with our babysitter in case you need to extend the reservation. If you would like our babysitter to take your child/children out for a field trip and so on, please make sure you offer some cash prior to heading out.

Service Begins

After all the necessary instructions are properly given to the babysitter, the babysitting service begins. Our babysitters are very flexible and eligible to follow most of the requests. However, for safety reason, they do not cook, clean, do laundry, drive with you or your children. Light meal preparation is okay but they are not allowed to use fire, gas, induction cooker, hot water, knives, etc.. While your children are sleeping/napping, our babysitter will bring a book and sit quietly in the dark until you return.


Through the Service Report, you will be notified of what kind of activities your child/children did and any other relevant information by the babysitter. In case you are running late and needing the babysitter to stay longer, please make sure contact her in advance and ask if she is able to extend her service. Please note that the last trains are usually around midnight in each city so if you need her after her last train, you will be required to send her back home by taxi..

Service Completion & Payment

Please make sure you pay for all the expenses such as train fee, meal fee and extended fee directly to the babysitter. Tipping is not customary here in Japan so please do not worry. We would also highly appreciate if you could provide us your positive feedback and comment on our service and that is a great motive for our babysitters.