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Filipino Babysitter Marjorie (Tokyo)


Marjorie is one of our most popular babysitters in Tokyo. She came to Japan back in 2016, she has always been working for small children and currently helping our client families 2-3 times a week after her daytime work as a nursery teacher. She is usually available Monday through Friday after 17:00 onwards as well as Saturdays and Sundays depending on the week. Looking forward to arranging her for your upcoming requests!


Bilingual Babysitter Shalom (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara + Nagano)
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What's New

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  • 2022.10.14

    新規定期利用受付 一時休止のお知らせ

  • 2022.08.18

    Bilingual Babysitter Nina (Kyoto)


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