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Bilingual Babysitter Sakura (Tokyo & Osaka)

Sakura is originally from Virginia, USA and came to Japan in September 2022 to study at Sophia University. She babysat 5 years back in the states primarily little kids in her neighborhood and tutored school kids as well. She is currently serving in Tokyo right now but she is also available in Osaka during holiday seasons. She will be in our team up to summer 2025 and very excited to meet many families visiting Japan from all over the world.🌍


  • Robert 2024/05/31 18:33:47

    Absolutely wonderful babysitter for our 7-month old girl Avalon visiting from Sydney. Sakura messaged us the day before, arrived early and took Avalon for the day including sleeps, walks in the park and more, sending regular updates and photos. Sakura is just lovely, so fun and kind. Absolutely recommend.

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