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Babysitters Needed in Nagoya / 名古屋でベビーシッター急募中!

Currently, we are looking for new English-speaking babysitters in Nagoya.  Wage is very competitive and you don’t have to be fluent in Japanese. If you are living in/near Nagoya City, please send us your application by email then we will set up an online interview shortly. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


  • Locations: Nagoya City and its neighborhood
  • Work Hours: Variable
  • Wage: 1,375yen/h or higher + full transportation
  • Conditions: Non-smoker, Japanese national or long term visa holders, childcare experience
  • Application: Cover letter and CV in English


Looking forward to hearing from you!






【勤務地】 名古屋市内およびその近郊地域

【曜日時間帯】 依頼によって異なりますが、平均1回3~6時間程度

【お子様の対象年齢】 0歳児~10歳程度

【待遇】 時給1,375円以上、交通費全額当日支給


  • 名古屋市内およびその近郊在住の方
  • 英語が上級以上の方
  • 保育経験を有する方
  • 6か月以上長期勤務可能な方
  • 外国籍の方は就労ビザ保持の方





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