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Service Usage Procedure

How To

Make A Request

  • Submit Request Details

    Submit Request Details

    Please submit your request details from the Reservation Form and let us know the dates and times you would like a babysitter first. Then we will check if we can arrange our babysitter for you and issue an invoice. Please note that it may take some time depending on the date, time, and conditions. We can respond to inquiries from secretaries or agents, but official reservations must be made by the parents who will be actually using our service.

  • Babysitter Arrives

    Babysitter Arrives

    The previously introduced babysitter will visit to your home or accommodation unless different locations are designated by you. We would appreciate you to let us know your room number and what name the reservations is under for the smooth visit. If you request us to pick up or drop off your child, please be sure to inform us in advance of the location of the pick-up location (school, kindergarten, daycare, etc.) and the pick-up procedure.

  • Service Begins

    Service Begins

    After receiving the instructions and the details of care and precautions (especially meals and medications), our babysitter will start the service. Please make sure to exchange contact information with the babysitter before leaving for emergency use. Please kindly also let the babysitter know in case you want an extension. 

  • Feedback


    We will give you verbal feedback on your children's condition and care on the day of the service using the service report. If the babysitter goes out with your child on the day of the service, we ask that you give the babysitter an approximate amount of cash in advance, which will be settled at the end of the service. You are not required to pay for the babysitter's food and beverages. If the babysitter leaves after the scheduled service time, an additional fee will be charged.

  • Cash Reimbursement

    Cash Reimbursement

    Please pay cash for her transportation and other expenses. If the babysitter is going out with your child on the day of the service, we ask you to give the babysitter an approximate amount of cash in advance and settle the bill at the end of the service.

  • Sign Up (Local Only)

    Sign Up (Local Only)

    First-time customers can use the service up to 3 times as a trial (non-member), so there is no need to decide to join us right away. We would appreciate it if you could take your time and consider the service after fully understanding the service content and considering various conditions such as the compatibility between the child and the babysitter and the frequency of use in the future. Please note that those who reside overseas will be treated as permanent non-members.

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