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How To Request A Babysitter

How To Use Our Service

Make a Reservation

  • Check Availability & Quote

    Check Availability & Quote

    Please fill out the inquiry form and let us know the date and time you would like to use the room. Our staff will check to see if arrangements can be made, and if so, we will send you an invoice for the first use. Please note that it may take some time depending on the date, time, and conditions. For guest families, we can be in contact with your secretaries or agents on behalf, however, official reservations must be made by the person who will be using our service.

  • First Visit (Locals Only)

    First Visit (Locals Only)

    For local families, a member of our team staff will visit your home with a babysitter on the first day. The babysitter will start to take care of your child while the representative explains the service. Please note that we do not offer free visits for the purpose of interviews, so you will need to book a minimum of 3.0 hours for your first visit. For guest families, we send our babysitter directly to the designated location with a representative.

  • Membership (Locals Only)

    Membership (Locals Only)

    First-time customers can use the service up to three times as a trial (non-member), so there is no need to decide to join immediately. We hope that you will take your time to understand the service content explained by our staff and consider various conditions, such as the compatibility between your child and the babysitter and the frequency of future visits, before making a decision. Please note that those who reside overseas will always be non-members.

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